Yarn Bases


My yarn bases

*100% Merinos superwash / MSW*
Fingering 4 ply
438 yards/ 100gr
A very round yarn, very soft and quite sturdy with great stitch definition. It’s the most popular base, that may satisfy your needs in a variety of uses. It provides a soft, light and squishy fabric, ideal for shawls, sweaters and cardigans. 

*​80% Merino superwash 20% nylon*
High-twist 3 ply yarn.
430 yards/ 115 gr
While being very resistant it has soft and cuddly properties therefore it is perfect for socks but it also makes wonderful sweaters, shawls and other garments. A must-have in every stash.

*100% Merino superwash single*
Single ply
Fingering 438 yards / 100 gr
A very soft single fiber. It produces a squishy fabric with a beautiful stitch definition. This thread is ideal for shawls, scarves, cowls and wraps. This thread is not recommended for knitted objects submitted to regular friction (such as socks, gloves or mitts).

*100% Merinos superwash / MSW*
DK 4 ply
250 yds/115g skein
This yarn comes in 115g skeins and is so super soft and squishy you will want to hug it all the time.
It knits up best for sweaters, scarfs, hats or shawls for the cold season.

*70% Superfine Kid Mohair 30% Silk* 
420m per 50gm hank
Mohair is a very special fibre! It has insulating properties during the winter while remaining cool in the summer! You may knit it solo to create arachnean lace or mix it with some fingering yarn to add some fluff to your finished objects. The yardage is generous and the effect gorgeous!

*80% Merinos superwash -10 % Cashmere - 10% Nylon / MCN*
Fingering  4 ply 
400 yards / 100gr
A luxurious yarn with cashmere, highly twisted, fluffy and extremely soft. Nylon is there to bring sturdiness to the thread. It produces a fluffy knitted fabric with a beautiful stitch definition.

*50% Merinos - 50% silk / 50/50*
Fingering  4 ply 
438 yards /100gr
An extremely shiny, soft and silky base. The knitted fabric has drape. It’s a wonderful base to knit shawls.

*75% BFL 25% Gotland non superwash*
Fingering  4 ply
385 yards/100gr
This base has a natural grey shade. It makes the colors deeper and more vibrant. It's the perfect yarn for knitting colorwork.