*Are the pictures close to the real life color?

Despite all the attention I give into my presentation photographs, the difference in screen calibration and light effects can significantly change the perception of the actual color of the wool.

*Do you have recommendations for the washing of the wool?

For the washing, I advise to use a wool-dedicated soap like EUCALAN or SOAK in a cold water. For the spinning, gently push your work between two towels and dry it flat away from direct sunlight.

*Is it possible for my yarn to bleed? 

My yarn should not bleed. The dye is well fixed into the fiber. But follow the above-mentioned washing recommendations. Some dark colors or colorways with a high speckle density could nonetheless bleed lightly during the rinsing. If you wish to knit a very light color with a very dark one, make a sample and wash it just to be on the safe side.

*Is it necessary to alternate skeins when knitting?

In most cases, I strongly recommend it in order to have a more homogeneous result. Solid colors can be knitted without alternating skeins, but for much nuanced ones, it is important to alternate skeins in order to prevent demarcation lines or pooling effects. 

*​Is your activity environment friendly?

I really care about the impact my work could have on the environment. For the fibers, I am against mulesing and I am only using yarn from suppliers who don’t practice it. I eventually intend to work exclusively with local wool producers.
As for the colors, I am using professional grade acid dyes. My process is optimized so that the entirety of the color dye is absorbed into the fiber, so that I could re-use the bath and reject an infinitesimal amount of waste into the sewer waters. I am also using food grade citric acid and bicarbonate to « neutralize » the water before its evacuation. All in all, these tasks ensure a minimal environmental impact.

*How does shipping work?

Speed and rate shipping are 
calculated based on the USPS option you will pick when validating your order.

Flat rate shipping is fixed at $15. I am offering the lowest shipping rate possible so that you avoid having bad surprises while validating your order. Items in stock are shipped within 1 to 5 business days after receiving the order and 2 weeks for pre-order or custom order. It usually takes 5 to 10 days for international packages to arrive. I cannot be held responsible for additional delays or potential custom fees.

*Are you selling wholesale to local yarn shops?

Yes, if you are interested, you can email me or use the form on the site.

*Can I get my yarn already caked?

Yarn is sold in skeins. But I can cake it upon request. Please write me a little note when placing your order.

*Intellectual property?

All photos, logos, designs and texts on this site are the exclusive property of the author. Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly forbidden! For an authorization of use, please contact me via the site contact form.

​*Anything else?

If despite all the care brought to the dye, its presentation and packing, you are not satisfied by your order, you can contact me to so that we can find a satisfying solution.